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TitleNeurobiology of Recurrent Brief Depression and Bipolar II disorders
InvestigatorUlrik Fredrik Malt, MD
Other InvestigatorsHans Lovdahl, MD (psychiatry); Stein Andersson, PhD (neuropsychology); Leif Gjerstad, MD & Erik Tauboll, MD (neurology); Paulina Due-Tonnessen, MD & Atle Bjornerud , PhD - fMRI; Frode Willoch MD & Jan Gunnar Fjeld, MD (SPECT).
Brief AbstractThe neurobiology of RBD and bipolar II disorders is poorly understood, but dysfunction in the frontal and temporal lobes are most likely present. The aims of our research group is to study the functions of those areas in pts in relation to clinical symptoms and treatment response. The methods include comprehensive clinical and psychometric assessments; neuropsychology; ERP with a cognitive paradigm; EEG; qEEG; SPECT; MRI; fMRI and genetic analyses. The study is sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council; University of Oslo; Rikshospitalet University hospital and Health Region South Norway.
Inclusion/Exclusion CriteriaAdult pts with RBD and bipolar II. Comparison groups are healthy subjects; pts with borderline personality disorder and non-bipolar depressive disorder.
Opportunities for CollaborationResearchers interested in some kind of collaboration may contact professor Malt at Dept of Psychosomatic Medicine and Neuropsychiatry Division of Clinical Neuroscience Rikshospitalet University Hospital 0027 Oslo Norway

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