American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA)
TitleBehavioral Change in Temporal Lobectomy
InvestigatorSheldon Benjamin, MD
Other InvestigatorsCatherine Phillips, MD, Joan Swearer, PhD, John Weaver, MD
Brief AbstractPatients undergoing temporal lobectomy for relief of refractory partical complex seizures are surveyed and undergo neuropsychological evaluation pre-op and 3 months post-op in an attempt to determine which behavioral variables change following surgery, whether seizure outcome determines behavioral outcome, and whether cognitive deficits correlate with behavioral outcome.
Inclusion/Exclusion CriteriaRefractory partial complex seizure patients undergoing temporal lobectomy (all have been at UMass)
Opportunities for CollaborationCenters that are already utilizing the same instruments (e.g. the SCL-90R) and similar surgical approaches may wish to combine outcome data.

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