American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA)
TitleHOPE: Health Outreach Program for the Elderly
InvestigatorNeil Kowall, MD
Other InvestigatorsRobert C. Green, MD, MPH, Sanford Auerbach, MD, Mark Moss, PhD, Allan Mandell, MD, Charles Drebing, PhD, Ladislav Volicer, MD
Brief AbstractHOPE is the patient and control "registry" for the Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center (BU ADC). HOPE is a longitudinal study that evaluates persons with and without memory problems throughout their lives. The goal of HOPE is to increase the understanding of how memory and thinking change as people age, and to provide well characterized subjects for research studies on normal aging and Alzheimer's disease. The information obtained from the HOPE Study will be used towards finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease.
Inclusion/Exclusion CriteriaThe HOPE study seeks individuals 55 years of age or older who may or may not have memory problems.
Opportunities for CollaborationPlease contact study coordinator.

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