American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA)
TitleRisk Factors and Biological Markers in Schizophrenia and High Risk Groups
InvestigatorAnita S. Kablinger M.D.
Other InvestigatorsArthur M. Freeman, III, M.D.
Brief AbstractProdromal schizophrenia has been described in an effort to identify at-risk subjects prior to the onset of psychosis who may benefit from early intervention. This study accumulates data on risk factors, prodromal symptoms and biological markers (PPI, eye tracking, pHVA, neuroimaging) over a two year period to evaluate whether increased prediction of individuals who may develop schizophrenia can be accomplished.
Inclusion/Exclusion CriteriaRecent onset of psychosis (schizophrenia) No h/o TBI Family member participation
Opportunities for CollaborationAnything that may be valuable to the above information.

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