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TitleIV Clomipramine for Refractory OCD
InvestigatorBrian A. Fallon, MD
Other InvestigatorsMichael Liebowitz
Brief Abstract We have previously shown that IV Clomipramine is effective against IV placebo for patients with a history of poor response to oral clomipramine. To directly test the utility of IV clomipramine, we now are conducting a direct comparison of 2 weeks of IV clomipramine against 2 weeks of IV placebo in a double-blind design followed by 8 weeks of oral clomipramine. This direct comparison will test whether IV CMI is more effective in OCD and also test whether IV CMI results in faster rate of resolution of symptoms.
Inclusion/Exclusion CriteriaInclusion: 1. Age 18-55 2. Past treatment with good doses of at least 2 OCD meds 3. Persistent problems with OCD despite prior treatment. Exclusion: 1. Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia 2. Inability to tolerate 2 wk drug washout 3. Prior brain surgery
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