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TitleBrain Imaging and Treatment of Persistent Lyme Encephalopathy
InvestigatorBrian A. Fallon, MD
Other InvestigatorsHarold Sackeim, Ronald Van Heertum, Robert de la Paz
Brief AbstractThree main goals: First, what can we learn about the effect of Borrelia burgdorferi on the brain via the techniques of MRI and PET (FDG & O-15)? Second, does a repeated longer course of IV antibiotic therapy help to improve cognitive deficits? Third, are there markers at baseline that are associated with clinical response?
Inclusion/Exclusion CriteriaInclusion: 1. Age 18-60 2. CDC Lyme Disease 3. Current Western blot positivity 4. Past treatment with at least 4 weeks of IV antibiotics 5. Current Memory Problems Exclusion: 1. Hx of other major medical problems 2. Pre-Lyme cognitive disorder 3. Allergy to penicillins
Opportunities for CollaborationI welcome collaboration to help clarify the complexities of this illness.

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