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TitleFunctions of the Human Prefrontal Cortex
InvestigatorJordan Grafman, Ph.D.
Other Investigators
Brief AbstractThe major goal of the Cognitive Neuroscience Section is to characterize the forms of knowledge represented in the human prefrontal cortex. While it is believed that the prefrontal cortex plays a crucial role in planning, social cognition, reasoning, and reflection, scientists remain puzzled about its underlying cognitive architecture and the number of circumscribed prefrontal cortex brain sectors subserving specific cognitive operations and/or knowledge. We have developed a framework that specifies some of the characteristics of the prefrontal cortex's cognitive architecture. We have termed the bound memory units stored in the prefrontal cortex the structured event knowledge complex . Numerous ongoing studies in the Section are dedicated to testing hypotheses generated by the framework we have adapted.
Inclusion/Exclusion Criteriaages 5-85, patients with focal lesions of the prefrontal cortex, patients with a diagnosis of Frontotemporal Dementia or Pick's disease
Opportunities for CollaborationSingle-Case studies; collaboration in the areas of decision-making or social cognition

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