American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA)

Program Committee

Chair: Kaloyan Tanev, MD

The purpose of the ANPA Program Committee is to provide a forum for our members and annual meeting participants to the review and disseminate knowledge about the principles and practice of neuropsychiatry, including the neurology of psychiatric conditions and the psychiatric aspects of neurological disorders. Toward that end, the Program Committee: organizes an annual meeting that serves as a forum for interdisciplinary neuropsychiatric education of clinicians, educators, and scientists working in neuropsychiatry and the clinical neurosciences; creates opportunities in that annual meeting for scientists and clinicians in the field to present their latest research findings and clinical observations; offers a rotating (multi-year) curriculum addressing the core concepts, clinical problems, and scientific advances in the field of neuropsychiatry in a manner that is educationally useful for meeting participants at any stage of professional development; and works with an ACCME-accredited provided to offer annual meeting participants AMA Category I Continuing Medical Education credits.

For more information or questions please e-mail the Committee Chair:

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