American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA)

National Task Force on Neuropsychiatry and Health Care Reform


Chair: Michael Ebert, MD

Yale University School of Medicine / VA CT Healthcare System

New Haven, CT


The Neuropsychiatry and Healthcare Reform Task Force was formally commissioned by Sheldon Benjamin, ANPA President, during the ANPA Annual Meeting in Boston earlier this year. As noted in the charter, the purpose of the task force is “To best understand/define the value and role of clinical neuropsychiatry in the changing healthcare environment, e.g. under the Affordable Care Act and other current health policies.”  The members of the task force are A.M. Barrett, Michael Ebert, Jordan Eisenstock (Chair), Benjamin Root Robbins (student member), and David Silbersweig. Additional participants with a background in health care policy and design may serve as consultants*.

The initial goals of the task force are as follows:

1. To perform a comprehensive review of relevant literature to best determine the present-day financial impact of clinical neuropsychiatry

2. To develop a formula that accurately reflects the potential financial impact of clinical neuropsychiatry in a “cost-savings” based healthcare environment

3. Depending on (1, 2), produce either a formal white paper or an internal memo (to ANPA membership) regarding clinical neuropsychiatry utilization recommendations in the setting of ACA and other health policies.  Resources identified by the taskforce will be posted on the ANPA website.

4. Depending on (1, 2, 3), recommend/advocate/develop novel clinical delivery models (e.g. tele-neuropsychiatry) and training programs to meet future clinical neuropsychiatry demand


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