American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA)

The American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA), established in 1988, is an organization of professionals in neuropsychiatry, behavioral neurology and the clinical neurosciences.

ANPA Mission:
To improve the lives of people with disorders at the interface of psychiatry and neurology.

ANPA Vision:
ANPA will transform recognition, understanding and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Training and discipline recognition:

    * Create a paradigm shift by enhancing the integration of clinical neurosciences into education and training with the
       goal of improving  clinical care
    * Attract more trainees of all relevant disciplines into the field
    * Promote an integrated understanding of the complexity of neuropsychiatric disorders
    * Foster outreach with related professional organizations

Standards of practice and clinical expertise:

    * Promote improvements in the classification of neuropsychiatric conditions
    * Promote ANPA as a resource for neuropsychiatric expertise at the national level
    * Expand the evidence base to foster more effective treatments of these disorders
    * Promote interdisciplinary innovation and best practices in clinical care and research to improve the lives of individuals
       with these disorders
Effects on patient outcomes:

    * Promote compassion and better understanding for persons with neuropsychiatric conditions
    * Demonstrate cost-effective models of care
    * Demonstrate and communicate the value we bring to patients
    * Advocate for policy that improves patient care, education and research related to brain-based disorders


American Neuropsychiatric Association
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