American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA)


Membership Committee

Chair: Margo Lauterbach, M.D.


Membership Committee

Chair: Margo Lauterbach, M.D.
Sheppard Pratt Health System
Baltimore, Maryland

The Membership Committee of ANPA supports the organization’s mission to improve the lives of people with disorders at the interface of psychiatry and neurology by focusing on the retention and growth of the organization’s members.  The committee is comprised of trainee, fellow, PhD, and physician representatives who are responsible for establishing criteria for maintaining membership, and evaluating member value and retention issues.  The committee also organizes and fosters the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and reviews candidates for Fellowship.

Committee Members
Margo Lauterbach (chair)
Jay Salpekar (vice chair. SIGs)
Barbara Schildkrout
Kristen Brousseau
Richard Cowles
Jennifer Davis
Elizabeth DeGrush
Don Eknoyan
Rick Ferrel
David Perez
Dan Shine
Bernie Vaccaro


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