American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA)


Awards Committee

Chair: Bruce H. Price, M.D. 

Co-Chair: Robert Stern, PhD



Members of the committee : A) Bruce Price, MD- committee chair. Boston, MA.  B) Randolph Schiffer, MD (former chair). Santa Fe, New Mexico. C) Robert Stern, PhD-comittee co-chair. Boston, MA. D) Yonas Geda, MD, MSc - committee co-chair. Mayo Clinic. Scottsdale, Arizona. E) Martha Shenton, PhD. Boston, MA.

The Awards Committee of ANPA is charged with two tasks : 1) to conduct an independent and merit based review of the field to identify and recommend a potential recipient of the Gary J. Tucker, M.D Lifetime Achievement Award in Neuropsychiatry. The recommendation of the Award committee has to be endorsed by ANPA’s executive committee in order to make the nominee to become the official recipient of the award. 2) The Career Development Award is the most prestigious award given by ANPA to an advanced trainee whose outstanding accomplishments during training offer promise of a successful career in neuropsychiatry and the clinical neurosciences. The committee reviews all applications and selects the most meritorious ones for the annual award.

How to reach the Awards Committee – please email:



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